Welcome to my new website. Soon enough, this will be my old website. But let's call it new for now, while we can. If you want to find out right away what I'm up to, go here, before it is old news. Otherwise, I'll leave you alone to peruse my site as you please.

It's here! An artist-run newsstand kiosk at Chester Subway Station in Toronto. Come check it out. Visit the Chester Newsies Facebook page for hours and schedule of events. Come join us!
I recently performed, "How Many Performance Artists Does it Take To Change a Light Bulb (for Martha Wilson)" at the Images Festival in Toronto. The four-hour durational performance was documented by more than 100 artist-participants.
I'll be written about in More Caught in the Act: performance art by Canadian women, edited by Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars. For the month of December 2015, you can be part of the fundraising campaign by YYZ Books to aid in the production of this great book. It's to be released in spring 2016.