Our Future, Our Fate, Our Fortune

Art Toronto, Toronto


Commissioned and presented by Akimbo for Art Toronto 2017. The art fair coincides with the season of The Thinning of the Veil, a time for magic, mysteries and miracles, when connection to higher realms and communication between the material and spiritual worlds is most easily available. Oracle Jess Dobkin, art-spirit guide, invites audiences to a performance art oasis within the larger art fair environment. It is the marketplace flip-side where there is nothing to buy or sell; our currency is energy, our deals are celestial, our contracts are sacred. We are in a time of decaying systems, mass violence, rapid change, radiant activism and emerging truths. Fate, fortune and future are collective concerns, it is time to shift our forecasting from “what will happen to me?” to “what will come of us?” The portal is open.


Booth Design by Jess Dobkin and Mila Volpe

Graphic Design by Lisa Kiss

Photos by Tania Anderson

Video Filming and Editing by Sam Mogelonsky