Lactation Station in Montreal; photo by Valerie Sangan
Lactation Station in Montreal; photo by Valerie Sangan

The Lactation Station

OCAD Professional Gallery, Usine C, FAB Gallery

2006, 2012, 2016

“It’s exactly that sense  of the unexpected, and the disquiet that can accompany it, that drives Ms. Dobkin’s work.”

The Globe and Mail

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Audiences are invited to taste samples of pasteurized human breast milk donated by new mothers, inviting a dialogue about trust, risk, taste, culture and bodily fluids.

Presented by FADO and co-presented by the Ontario College of Art & Design (2006) Presented by Studio 303 and OFFTA (2012) Curated by Natalie Loveless and presented by New Maternalisms and the FAB Gallery (2016)

Promotional Photo by David Hawe; Toronto photography by David Hawe; Montreal photography by Valerie Sangan; Edmonton photography by Michael Woolley