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The Magic Hour

The Theatre Centre, Toronto


A solo performance that uses magic to explore trauma and transformation, asking us to consider who we are beyond the stories we tell about our lives. The work presses the boundaries of what is deemed public and private, hidden and revealed, to make visible what is not seen. Developed in Residency and Co-Produced by The Theatre Centre.

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Score Time Moves



A short video commissioned by the RT Collective’s for IN YOUR POCKET: After Midnight, a series of artists’ videos made using smart phone technology. Presented at the Inside/Out Festival  in May, 2015 and Nuit Rose in June, 2016.

flowers 1 video


Performance Film


A short performance film re-imagining Streisand and Diamond’s hit duet, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.”

affirmations_1 video

for Artists

The Power Plant, Toronto, ON


Reciting affirmations in the women’s bathroom at the Power Plant’s annual Power Ball event.

everything_I've_got 1 video

Everything I've Got

Presented by Experimentica Festival, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, UK; HATCH @ Harbourfront Centre, Toronto; The Rhubarb Festival, Toronto; The Edgy Women Festival, Montreal


A raw and intimate examination of creativity and mortality in which Jess offers up the entirety of her collection of artistic ideas. With urgency, vulnerability and humour that marks much of her work, she focuses attention on her own artistic practice and confronts her own temporality.

Developed with the support of Harbourfront Centre’s HATCH residency programme, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.
Photo Credit (unicorn): David Hawe
Photo Credit (other images): Elizabeth Delage

being green 1 video

Being Green

7a-11d Performance Festival Fundraiser, Toronto, ON; Cheep Queers, Toronto, ON; Edgy Women Festival, Montreal, QC; Performance Studies International Conference, Toronto, ON


Painted green from head to toe, Dobkin performs a radical lip-synch re-interpretation of Kermit the Frog’s classic song.

“Jaw-dropping… Show-stopping performance” – Xtra Magazine.

mirror_ball_video_thumb video

Mirror Ball

The Power Plant Power Ball, Toronto, Canada; The Performance Mix Festival, New York City; and other venues


The artist performs as a functional human mirror ball, exploring physical and psychological vulnerabilities, limitations and boundaries.

lactation_video_thumb video

The Lactation Station

The Ontario College of Art & Design Professional Gallery, presented by Fado and co-presented by the Ontario College of Art & Design


The artist invites audiences to taste samples of pasteurized human breast milk donated by six lactating new mothers, inviting a dialogue about this challenging and most intimate of motherhood rites.

fee for service video

Fee for Service

WARC Gallery, Toronto, Canada; Nieuwpoorttheater, Gent, Belgium; and other venues


Audiences of one are invited to have a pencil sharpened by the artist’s vagina dentata for a nominal fee.

restored 1 video


On-going public intervention. Presented by La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Montreal, QC.


Clothing from the artist’s closet is tagged and then reshelved at stores of original purchase, inviting consumers to take the used items home with them. Each tag in the series addresses the consumer with a personal message.

an ontario bride seeks american wives video

An Ontario Bride
Seeks American Wives

The Kitchen Street Festival, New York City


In response to Ontario’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the artist travels to New York to exercise her new rights, marrying countless men, women, pets, fire hydrants and street signs. She carried a small portable sound system, which played popular wedding songs. Over fifty ceremonies were conducted at the event. The marriage certificate states the terms of nuptials, which include that “if we bump into each other at a movie ticket line, and one of us is way up near the front of the line, we will allow the other person to sneak into the line right next to us, because that’s what married people do for each other.”

magic_trick_video_thumb video

Magic Trick

Cheap Queers, Toronto, Canada; Carnal Carnival, New York City; Emporium XX Festival, Gent, Belgium; and other venues internationally


In the spirit of “Le Petomane,” the artist chews bubble gum and then blows a large, pink balloon bubble out of her ass.